A company is above all its people, their passsion, engagement and professionalism. By emphasizing people, we have created our own model of partner networks. We are looking for people who think and act similarly to us.

Who is the program ‘iT’S WORTH IT WITH US’ for?

ZIt’s worth it with us! is a program which we created both for people who dream of starting their own business, but lack the capital and resources, as well as for those who are already running a local electrical warehouse but want to develop and need the support of a strong partner.

What’s most important for us is experience in the sector and built relations with customers. A partner’s determination along with our support are a guarantee of success!

Why is it worth it with Kaczmarek Electric?

Kaczmarek Electric is a strong, well-known brand, enjoying the trust of colleagues and customers. Along with it we offer real partnership, a feeling of security and mutual trust as well as support in the case of problems.

We treat all of our Partners and customers with kindness and respect, and in business relations the most important for us are people.

We are waiting to hear from you. We will prove to you that “it’s worth it” to work, earn and realise your passions with us.


What benefits do we ensure partners?

Above all, we offer a tested operational model, which is always adjusted to the individual needs and capabilities of the Partner.

We ensure access to the best commercial conditions on the market and the widest assortment of goods readily available.

The logistics centre of Kaczmarek Electric works 24 hours a day and for 6 days a week delivers goods to all sales outlets.

True stories

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