My name is Joanna Bąk and I’m responsible for the implementation of the “With us it’s worth it” program. On this blog, I’d like to tell you about the biggest adventure of my life, which is working in a company that wants to gather around itself as many positive freaks as possible. People who value independence and for whom earning money is just a means to realize various passions.

On 18 April 2018, two years will have passed since we started the “With us it’s worth it” project – a program aimed at developing our partnership network. I have been involved with it since the very beginning. I identify myself with it, because I believe that what we do – and who we do it with – makes sense. Besides, the program is a bit like myself. It mirrors my approach to life. For me, what matters the most is development in a broad sense of the word. Like most people, I’m afraid of changes, but I can’t live without them. They are what propels us with positive energy and are the spice of life. And that is precisely what my job guarantees me, because our CEO, Cezary Kaczmarek, has so many ideas – as to what else we should do or implement to make things better, quicker, more effective, etc. – that we’re never threatened with boredom.

These two years have been an amazing time and, to tell you the truth, I wouldn’t change it for anything, although sometimes it’s been rough and the stress and tiredness didn’t let us sleep. Over 250 people have declared an interest in entering into cooperation with Kaczmarek Electric. Over this time, we have opened 40 sales points operating in various forms, from sales representation to an electrical supply store.

It is a truly remarkable outcome but, at the same time, a huge challenge for our company. I have spoken on the phone with all the interested people, and I’ve met most of them more than once. Of course, we haven’t signed a contract with everybody, for various reasons. For me, it has always meant – and still means – a huge strain and stress, because I care a lot about the people who trust us and I want them to succeed. The satisfaction is huge then, on both sides.

Is it worth taking part in the “With us it’s worth it” project? It certainly is, and I say this with full conviction both regarding the people who have decided to enter into cooperation with us and are today Kaczmarek Electric Partners, as well as from my own perspective because nothing drives me more to action than the satisfaction gained from what I do.

The perspectives for the future are broad enough that people who are connected with distribution in the electro-technical sector, and at the same time value independence and self-reliance at work, can become members of the Kaczmarek Electric team. That is why we launched this project, becoming active on the Internet and social media, so that people in the sector could get to know about it and, by the way, get to know our company not only from the point of view of figures and financial results, but above all from the point of view of the people who work here and the values that we follow.

Over the last two years, I have met a lot of outstanding people who are smart, creative and passionate, and who have an clear idea of what they want. Our electro-technical sector is quite hermetic, it’s difficult to enter and even more difficult to “leave” it; I’m speaking from experience. People know each other personally or they have mutual friends or bosses. Mostly salespeople from electrical wholesale stores volunteer for cooperation with us within the framework of the “With us it’s worth it” program. They already have experience in customer service, but they dream of independence and the possibility of shaping their own future. Owners of companies dealing with electricity in a broad sense of the word, but also people who have never worked in the business but do know some people and have ideas of how to gain and retain clients effectively, come to us. Every case is different, every case is approached by us in an individual way and, depending on the Partner’s profile and their potential clients, we offer “made-to-measure” solutions.

We want to use this place so that people who are considering setting up their own business, or are already running one but coming across various obstacles on the road to their further development, could learn something interesting about our company, get to know our operating methods and, of course, get to know the people who run their own businesses within our partnership network.

We are not closing down our project. On the contrary, we are gaining momentum and we’re going to broaden our scope. We are still going to offer cooperation to people who are full of energy and passion, who want to take matters in their own hands and take the big plunge. That is why on this blog I would like to tell as much about the project as possible, share my experience, boast of my successes and talk openly about different concerns and difficulties. To convince everybody that it’s worth it with us? – Not necessarily. I’d rather show people the possibilities and the perspectives we offer, but also the limitations they entail. Maybe I could assist people who are thinking about developing their own business in the sector, to help them to realize if our program is the answer to their needs and expectations, if cooperation with Kaczmarek Electric will really suit them, and what in general are the ups and downs of running one’s own business.

I’ve held many such conversations and I know a lot of the questions to which people interested in the “With us it’s worth it” project expect an answer. I’ll try to successively discuss those topics on our blog, but I also encourage you to email me at: because there’s nothing better than direct contact.