Oh, so much happened in Komorniki near Poznań on 5 October! The opening of the hundredth branch of Kaczmarek Electric took place among a broad circle of friends – our customers and suppliers.
Urszula and Cezary Kaczmarek assisted the director of the new branch, Piotr Degórski, in cutting the symbolic ribbon. It was a buoyant and electrifying time!
Several nice attractions were prepared for the ceremonious opening. There was a tasty treat as well as an artistic part; in other words, something for the body and something for the soul. Agnieszka Czyż, a remarkably talented singer from Poznań, sang for our guests. After the magic and vocal shows, people could try out an electric sedan; our guests could take a ride in one of two TESLA electric cars or a brand-new Ford Mustang.

The hundredth branch of Kaczmarek Electric is located in Komorniki at 49 Poznańska Street, where there is an office and an electrical supply store. Both professionals and local people will be able to shop here since the branch offers both wholesale and retail sales. Our clients can benefit from the advantages of a wholesale store and the best prices, and at the same time have access to the goods that are exhibited on shelves and available in a modern self-service formula. The branch offers the widest selection of electrical goods, tools, cables and wires, accessories, lighting and energy distribution technology, and products for the sectors of industrial automatics, energy technology and traffic maintenance services.