Thanks to this system, we can control the light remotely, even when we are not at home. And when we are there, it will let us adjust the lighting to our needs – properly matched light can boost our energy or help us relax after a hard day.

All this sounds very interesting and attractive, but what is Philips Hue in reality?

Under this name hides a full range of intelligent light bulbs, lamps, sensors and controllers that will help you discover new ways and extent of using light in your home. All you need to do is to replace your light bulbs with Hue smart ones to be able to use light that adapts to your needs and rhythm of life. Philips offers several basic starter sets, with which it’s worth beginning the adventure with Hue lighting.

You can control Philips Hue with the help of drivers or using the Philips Hue mobile app. This lighting system can also be controlled with your voice. Philips Hue is the only brand of intelligent lighting that works with all major voice assistants on the market.

The main advantages of the Philips Hue System

Light always tailored to your needs

By choosing the right light, you can completely change the atmosphere of every room. Being able to choose from all shades of white and 16 million colors – you will surely find a light suited to your needs or temporary mood. Regardless of whether you want to refresh the interior of the apartment with a new color, choose the lighting suited to the activity (relaxation, concentration, reading), organize an unforgettable meeting for friends or create a cozy atmosphere for dinner just for two. Your intelligent Philips Hue lighting will allow you to quickly and easily set the right light and create a unique atmosphere.

Safety and comfort

Thanks to intelligent lighting, you can create the impression of being at home.
The Philips Hue application allows you to create a schedule of lighting operation procedures when you are outside of your home. Intelligent lights will come on at selected times, and sometimes a few minutes earlier or later, to create a believable impression of your presence at home. You can also set the Philips Hue application so that it detects when you’re approaching your house. Before you get out of the car or when you enter your driveway, the lights will turn on automatically.

Multiple possibilities

Control the light the way you want. Connect Philips Hue lighting to the bridge and start discovering the endless possibilities of the intelligent Hue lighting system. Control lighting with a smartphone or tablet via the Philips Hue mobile application. You can change the look of your home or garden in just a moment. Changing the intensity or color of light changes the appearance of the whole environment, creating unlimited arrangement possibilities. Play with colors or synchronize the intelligent lighting with music, games or movies. With a thousand applications to choose from, the only limit is your imagination.

Easy installation and operating

The Philips Hue system is easy and quick to install, and the configuration takes only a few minutes. You don’t need any additional renovations, equipment or professional help.

Four lighting settings, adapted to everyday tasks, make life easier. Just choose one of the settings: Relax, Reading, Concentration and Energy.

Where to start?

Best with one of the starter sets. We have a choice of starter sets with white light and a dimmer, sets with ambient white lighting (allows dimming and changing the temperature of white light from warm to cold) as well as ambient white and colored lighting, which allows dimming and changing the color of light.

Each set can be expanded by buying intelligent Hue light sources

A Hue bridge is included in all starter sets. It is the foundation of the Philips Hue system because it connects a mobile device with the intelligent light bulbs. You can add up to 50 Hue light bulbs and accessories to one device, the bridge. The bridge also connects the system with the entire external world. With it you can remotely control your lights, and connect them to the rest of the network. The bridge can be bought with the starter sets. You can also buy it separately and build your own Philips Hue system tailored to your own needs.

Philips Hue is an interesting proposition for people who want to change their interior and make their homes more attractive at a small cost. The use of this system doesn’t require help of installers.

Without further ado, let the metamorphosis begin!