Marek Pustół, Sales Director

Industrial automation is a field in which we are constantly dealing with rapid technological progress. Customer service in this sector requires from traders great knowledge and professionalism, that is why in Kaczmarek Electric we are focused on specialization.

We want both our clients and traders serving the industrial sector to receive professional support at the highest level. Therefore, last year in Kaczmarek Electric a new project was created, under which the Industrial Segment was created. It is run by a team of qualified specialists who know the client’s needs and the range used in each segment group. The overriding objective of this unit is to support the branches of the company possessing competences, to prepare for work with an industrial client and to increase the value of services provided through directional trainings and consultancy.

Industrial sector customers buying in Kaczmarek Electric can be divided into several groups: industrial plants, manufacturers of machinery and equipment, integration companies of industrial automation.
Industrial plants mainly make purchases for the needs of maintenance, renovations, ongoing repairs and modernization, and new investments. They are equipped with all kinds of overload and thermal protections, drives, soft starters, controllers, control cables, signaling elements, switchgears of automation with increased IP tightness together with elements and cooling systems, pneumatics, oils and lubricants, bearings, drive belts, etc.

Manufacturers of machines and devices are the most interesting, but also the most demanding branch of industry, needing a partner for cooperation with a wide range of assortment and professional staff. Product demand is similar as in the case of production plants, but to a greater extent based on products dedicated to specific applications. In this area there are many specialized products dedicated to specific technical solutions, without the possibility of using a substitute.

Integration companies in industrial automation provide outsourcing services for the two above groups, therefore they purchase products that have been listed above.
Our project of professional support for the industrial segment is carried out not only for our branches, but also for our clients. These are mainly companies from the electrical machinery industry (production and repairs of machines for all industry sectors), light (producers of food products), chemicals (pharmaceutics, fertilizers), mineral (production of glass and building materials) and fuel and energy.

To those clients Kaczmarek Electric offers not only the products themselves, but also many additional services, such as diagnostics and repair of drives / frequency converters and soft starters; quality tests of machine park oils in factories; selection and sale of cooling systems and ventilation of electrical switchboards; cleaning and maintenance of technological lines and devices; testing of technical water quality.

Year 2018 is another year of economic growth and intensification of production in Poland, which should be associated with an increase in sales to the industrial sector. The offer of products and solutions for the industrial sector has always been the strong point of Kaczmarek Electric due to the availability of the assortment and the technical support we provide to our clients. Our specialists help in the selection of products in the field of automation, as well as support in the preparation of application solutions. We want to continue to grow in this segment, which is why – understanding the market needs – we are developing our project, thanks to which we constantly improve the qualifications of the staff and the portfolio of specialized products. I think that every wholesaler and trader who serves clients from the industrial sector can spread their wings thanks to our support.