Business always has an individual character. Each of us has our own style, which translates into everything that we do in both professional and private life. For me and for many people who are close to me, regardless of whether I work, rest, laugh or “fight with the prose of life”, what matters are people and certain universal values.

Each of us has to face challenges of a different type sooner or later. For me, the key thing is that there are people around me who I can trust. Sometimes it is enough for me to feel that there is someone next to me who, if necessary, will reach out to me, support or advise me. Equally important is that I have someone to discuss problems that I can’t solve by myself, or I can be assured that I think well. This is very important to me, because it gives me a sense of stability and security, which is significant in my crazy and fast-paced world. I’m lucky that there are such people around me both in professional and private life, because in my case these two worlds are intermingling with each other and I can’t nor do I want to separate them.

When you want to start your own business or start working in a new place, what is helpful in achieving success are primarily the idea, our personality, determination in the pursuit of the goal and our skills . In addition, there are also many external factors that have a big impact on whether we ultimately succeed and whether we achieve what we want earlier than others. Exactly the same is when we are looking for a chance for further development of our company – we need the right conditions, a large amount of work and … a bit of luck.

I admit that I like to pursue my ideas, but I don’t hide the fact that at the beginning I devote a lot of energy to activities that will help me in achieving desired result: I make a plan, talk with people, organize “facilities”, analyze solutions that already exist elsewhere in order to, so to say “not reinvent the wheel”. I prefer to learn from other people’s mistakes to minimize my own. I also don’t like to bite off more than I can chew, although it happens to me sometimes, with varying results!

I talk and meet with many people who want something more from life, think about professional independence, want to run their own business or in one way or another want to establish a lasting relationship with our company. I tell everyone that running the Kaczmarek Electric branch is difficult, but it provides so much positive energy, and not only financial, that it’s worth doing it, and the risk of failure, with such a large support from us, is minimal.

On this blog we present the Kaczmarek Electric company from different angles, because we want people to know who we are, not only from the financial results side, but also understand what we do and how we do it, who works with us, what is important to us. We want to talk about what makes us different, but also what problems we face every day.

I like to have everything systematized in a way, so I created a list of 10 most important reasons why “it’s worth it” doing different things with us.

It's worth it because we offer:


our brand and place in our organization

we are a company with 20 years of experience and an established position on the market. In terms of turnover, Kaczmarek Electric ranks third in the country among electrotechnical wholesalers. We have the reputation of a company that doing business with is a pleasure; who with and how we work is very important to us;

own, proven sales model

a combination of a warehouse and favorited, by the retail clients (and not only), market ; It's an interesting and modern model that gives new possibilities, but there are also traps and mistakes that can be made. We have been learning and refining this model for 10 years and it’s that experience that we have gained and the result of our many years of work that we offer our partners;

a wide range of articles and full support

in servicing such market segments as electro-installers, construction, industry, energy, energy efficiency, retail and the public sector;

access to the best commercial conditions on the market

this is guaranteed by the amount of our turnover, growth dynamics and systematic expansion of the sales network; we have an idea for the further development of our company, which we consistently implement every day;

warehouse facilities

our Logistics Center in Powodów has modern high-bay warehouses with an area of over 11 000 m2, and a cable square of 22 000 m2, we work 24 hours a day, 6 days a week;


from Monday to Saturday we deliver goods to all Kaczmarek Electric points of sale or directly to the customer; we have our own transport, we organize deliveries via pendulums, we order transport and we use dispatching companies;

genuinely partner, transparent and fair conditions of cooperation

people expect simple rules and fair treatment, and that declarations should be well founded in reality - it’s obvious to us;

marketing support

for us, sales support at every stage of cooperation with the branch and its clients is a key issue;


we focus on professionalism and constant improvement of our competences, that's why we offer access to our own e-learning platform, participation in technical and product trainings, as well as those that improve soft skills;

help in case of problems

together we look for solutions, we never leave our partners without help, for us people are the most important.

I wrote so much again, but that’s how I am, first I can’t get to writing, and then I can’t stop…

In the next post I would like to write about what I do when I get “dark thoughts” after I consciously make some decision, and when it seems to me that I cannot deal with it afterward.