Passion is very important to us, not only in our professional work, but also in private life. Everyone who wants to develop their passion in Kaczmarek Electric can count on the company’s support.

Grand Prix Kaczmarek Electric MTB is the crowning of our cycling passion – it’s a festival of sport and great fun for the whole family. Our cycle of events ranks among the top Polish cycling marathons. The event has an open character – both amateurs and professional take part, so Grand Prix Kaczmarek Electric MTB has many faces. It’s a serious sporting event in which the best professionals regularly participate, a great challenge for ambitious MTB amateurs, and also an interesting way to actively spend time for cyclists of any age, as well as a family picnic full of attractions. We organise the particular stages together with local governments, organisations and companies. The honorary patron of the cycle is Marek Konwa – the most successful Polish mountain biker.

The 9th edition of the Grand Prix consisted of 10 races. The successive stages took place every few weeks from spring to autumn. We competed in Rydzyna, Sulechow, Krosno Odrzańskie, Żerków, Strzelce Krajeńskie, Nowa Sól, Dziwiszów, Bolesławiec, Zielona Góra and finally – in Wolsztyn.

During all the stages of GP KE MTB  races for the youngest are organised. The participants are classified in four age categories divided into boys and girls: to 4 years (100-150 m), 5-6 years (150-300 m), 7-9 years (500-800 m) and 10-12 years (800-1500 m).

Each little competitor receives a starting number, a small gift from the organiser and a souvenir medal. For the victors there are special trophies and small prizes. All the children who take part in the race for the youngest have a chance to win in the special children’s competition a SUPERIOR bicycle from the collection of F.L.Y. Such a contest is organised at every stage of Grand Prix Kaczmarek Elektric MTB.

From year to year the event is gaining more enthusiasts. In the first edition in 2010, in three stages, 385 competitors took part, and in 2017 there were 7 730 participants in ten stages! In the separate race for the youngest, 1,5 thousand children took part. We expect that there’ll be even more of us in the 2018 season.

The calendar of Grand Prix Kaczmarek Electric MTB 2018 is presented on the website:


Euro Bike Kaczmarek Electric Team is an amateur cycling team which for nearly ten years has been on the podium of Greater Poland and all-Poland mountain biking marathons. The team was formed under the name Corratec Team in 2007, when Piotr Pawlak (Euro Bike Products) decided to bring together the cream of Greater Poland athletes of the time and to create a strong team of mountain and road cyclists.
Over the years, the association has been joined by more cycling enthusiasts from all over the country, who have worked hard to be recognised and to maintain the reputation of one of the best amateur cycling teams in the country.

In 2014 Piotr Pawlak’s team was victorious in the team classification of Grand Prix Kaczmarek Electric MTB. It was then that Cezary Kaczmarek and Kaczmarek Electric S.A. decided to take on permanent collaboration with the club, appreciating not only the sporting results, but above all perceiving the friendly atmosphere among the team and a community enjoying hard work at a common hobby.
Over 60 competitors gladly represent the team colours over the whole year, in this way thanking sponsors at marathons organised from Pomerania to Upper Silesia. Since the 2015 season, Kaczmarek Electric S.A and Euro Bike Products Piotr Pawlak have supported their team as titular sponsors, and the competitors with unabating passion express their gratitude with the next individual and team successes.

Kaczmarek Electric forms a well-integrated group of people.

People with character, knowledge and passion. Our partners and employees have many different passions. They conquer mountain peaks, race on bicycle routes and motocross, do cross-country and down-hill skiing, and even conquer the stage with their singing.

And that’s the way to go!

Mountain climbing is a real challenge. A beautiful passion, though not easy to realise.

Especially when you want to conquer the highest Alpine peaks. It requires months of preparations and considerable financial resources. Can such a passion be carried out by the branch manager of Kaczmarek Electric in Radom? You bet it can! Lesław Pustuł has reached the peak of, among others, Grossglockner – the highest peak in Austria with an elevation of 3798 m above sea level and Gran Paradiso in Italy (4061 m).

Thanks to him, this year the flag of Kaczmarek Electric was fluttering on Elbrus (5642m), the highest peak of the Caucasus and of Russia. For mountain climbers who accept different borders for Europe than the International Geographic Union and who conquer the Seven Summits, Elbrus, and not Mont Blanc, is recognised as the highest mountain in Europe.