Kaczmarek Electric is a family company, built from the beginning by Urszula and Cezary Kaczmarek. In 1997 in Kargowa they opened their first retail outlet selling products in the area of industrial automatics and electrical goods.

Today Kaczmarek Electric SA has an extensive network of electro-technical warehouses and electrical goods stores all over Poland. It is the most dynamically growing firm in the sector, which over a period of only 15 years has noted 3300 % growth.

Our strategy

Partnership, passion and professionalism are the values on which we based the development of our company on from the beginning. We have always put the emphasis on people, treating our customers, suppliers and employees with respect and friendship. Thanks to this, Kaczmarek Electric has the reputation of a company which it’s good to do business with.

We have a unique sales model, worked on over years, which allows the generation of better results. We invite people with passion to cooperate, and together we develop our passions. We offer a family atmosphere, professional support and real partnership in business.

Our partnership network

Thanks to a network of 100 branches, situated both in large cities as well as in small towns all over the country, we are always close to the customer.

The company is constantly growing and improving thanks to the engagement of people who work with real passion; thanks to our customers and partners, who have placed their trust in us and are developing together with us. 365 qualified salespeople work with us. Just in 2017 we were trusted by 40,000 recipients and we additionally served 280,000 retail customers.

Benefits for customers

The heart of our company is the Logistics Centre in Powodowo, with a warehouse with a surface area of 12 000 m² and a cable yard of 21,100 m². It serves customers 6 days a week for 24 hours a day.

We operate in the whole country in the energy, telecommunications and industrial automatics sectors. We serve clients in the industrial, energy and construction sectors, as well as individual customers. Our technical information department provides news, advises and designs, and also conducts free training.